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英語で学ぼう!◆Who am I?/LESSON9 動詞③flow, grow


今週は、Who am I?ででてきた動詞をおさらいします。英語は動詞が命!どんな「動き」を表すのかいっしょにみていきましょう。その前に動詞を意識しながら暗誦を!

Who am I? Can you guess? You can never see, touch, or hear me, but I am always with you. I am flowing not only around you but also inside you. You cannot grow without me.

You can feel me when things change ― when cherry blossoms bloom and the wind scatters them, or when you get hungry. I have many faces, and you give them various names. Spring is one of them.

Now you can guess correctly, can’t you? Yes, I am time.


The river is flowing. (川が流れています)/ This river flows into the sea. (この川は海へ流れ込みます)
Traffic flows along the street all day long. (その通りの交通は一日中流れています)


Children grow rapidly. (こどもは大きくなるのがはやいわね)
Morning Glories grow from seeds. (朝顔は種から育つのよ)
I grow to a height of eight feet. (わたしは成長すると8フィートの高さになります)


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